ABQLA Youth Section Spring Event and AGM

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 18:15
The Mordecai Richler (Mile End) Public Library, Conference Room 5434 Park Ave, Montreal, QC H2V 4G7 (Corner of Park and St. Viateur)

The ABQLA Youth Section Invites you to their Spring Event and AGM: Show and Tell!

Free for ABQLA Members / $5 for Non-Members

Presented in English but French and Bilingualism are Most Welcome


Show and Tell:

Following the Annual General Meeting, we have a special 'Show and Tell' evening planned. This is your chance to share YA / Youth books and resources that really matter to you, or that people may not know of! We want you, ABQLA Members and guests, to participate by choosing up to three youth-related resources to show and talk about. These resources could be: books, online content, games, or another resource you feel links libraries and youth. Please try to choose resources that may not be as well known, or that you feel really need to be shared.

Participation is highly-encouraged, but optional!

This will be a low-pressure, informal sharing event. Don't worry! Just plan to spend a few minutes (2-7 minutes or so) talking about each resource. Ramble a bit if you want. Keep it short if you want. Choose things you've read, seen, done or used -- something that worked for you or the youth in your life -- and have fun with it! There will be a computer and projector should you require it, props are encouraged but not necessary, and the President will be participating as well to walk the walk. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask!


As a very loose guideline, try to tell us the following:

1) What is the resource?   2) Who is it for?   3) What's so great about it?   4) What does it do / Summary   5) Other thoughts/Quotes

Annual General Meeting (AGM):
Come enjoy refreshments at our Annual General Meeting, where we will vote on our next section Vice President and decide the future of the current President.

The current Vice President will not be returning to the province next year, which means they will not become the new President as is regular procedure. So, we will need a new Vice President and either a new President or a vote on the continuation of Nick Warren as President. It is not normally advisable for someone new to become President directly, but if there is anyone who strongly desires it and is qualified, we could put it to a vote!

If you are interested in being a Vice-Presidential candidate, please let current President Nick Warren (nickseuropetrip@gmail.com) know and be prepared to give a short speech about yourself and why you would make a great VP at the AGM.

If you have a strong desire to be President, or strongly disagree with Nick continuing as President, please let him know that as well.

Members, please come to this so we can have quorum and solid votes!


The Mordecai Richler (Mile End) Public Library, Conference Room
5434 Park Ave, Montreal, QC H2V 4G7

(Corner of Park and St. Viateur)



Tuesday, March 28 from 6:15pm to 7:30pm



The bus is probably the easiest way to get there. The 80, Avenue du Parc Bus runs every 10 minutes or less between 5pm and 10pm, between metro stations Parc (Blue) and Place-des-Arts (Green) and drops you off across the street. The 435 express bus also runs between about 4pm and 7:30pm and stops at the same spot. The orange line and blue line metros are about a 15 minute walk away (Laurier/Outremont) as well, and the 51 will get you quite close too. There is typically free parking near the library, but snagging a spot can be tricky. You may also try the nearby street, Querbes, or other side-streets.


Please RSVP Nick at nickseuropetrip@gmail.com by Friday, March 25th at midnight and include the following information:

- Your Name

- Your ABQLA member status (member / not a member / intend to become a member at the event) -- Note that membership is free for students -- Membership link: http://www.abqla.qc.ca/membership

- If you intend to run for Vice President or strongly wish to be President / disagree with Nick returning as President (feel free to ask me about what the jobs entail)

- The resource or resources you would like to show and talk about if you will be participating (maximum 3)

- If you have any serious food allergies relating to the provided refreshments (like nuts)

We hope to see you there!

Nicholas Warren MLIS (President)

Julia Wagner MLIS (Vice-President)