Amanda Etches-Johnson's "User Experience and the Mobile Web"

Imageby Lora Baiocco

The conference sessions ended with our afternoon keynote, Amanda Etches-Johnson who spoke to all the conference attendees about User Experience and the Mobile Web. Amanda’s focus on both the design and user experience aspects of mobility shone light on some new issues facing libraries in a world of ever-increasing mobile devices. She had very clear advice, and examples to back it up, on how to create mobile sites that both help and delight your patrons.

What matters? Design, size, bandwidth, data plans and, of course, mobile user experience – according to Amanda, they all matter.

In terms of user experience, Amanda warned that once you start thinking about user experience, it becomes a mindset for which “there is no cure”. Looking at your work and what you offer to your patrons through the lens of user experience, in other words, will offer you a new outlook.

Amanda shared the following good practices, designed to make user experiences a better:

  • know your audience
  • be selective
  • keep it simple
  • minimize user input
  • delight your users with whimsy
  • prototype (using paper) then test! test! test!

ImageAmanda practices what she shared with us as the Head of Discovery & Access at the University of Guelph Library and is teaching a new generation of librarians as an adjunct faculty member at the Faculty of Information & Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario. Her generosity in sharing her well-designed and elegant solutions with the library community is but one of the many reasons we invited her to be our afternoon keynote.

You can find Amanada online at, on Twitter @etches and find her user experience consultancy, INFLUX at

Link to Amanada’s presentation slides: