Amy's Marathon of Books

Dear Book Lover, 
My name is Amy Mathers and I am a volunteer for the Canadian Children’s Book Centre. Born with a type of glycogen storage disease that is also known as a 
muscular dystrophy, I received a liver transplant at age five and a heart transplant when I was 27. An avid reader from a young age, I have volunteered in various 
libraries, worked as a bibliotherapist and taken part in a high school reading selection committee despite my physical challenges. Inspired by Terry Fox’s and 
Rick Hansen’s Canadian journeys, I decided to honour my passion for reading and Canadian teen literature through a year-long Marathon of Books.
On January 1st, 2014, I will begin my Marathon of Books to read across Canada.  For a year, I will read one Canadian teen book a day and write a 100 to 250 
word review to share my thoughts on the book. My intention is not only to raise awareness of quality Canadian teen fiction, but to solicit pledges and donations for 
the Canadian Children’s Book Centre ( in order to fund a new teen book award to be included in the Canadian Children’s Literature Awards. My 
goal is to raise at least $100,000 in order to fund an annual $5,000 award.
Using Terry Fox’s statistics of being able to run a kilometre in approximately six minutes, I timed myself and realised I could read ten pages in the same amount 
of time. Thus, ten pages of text will count for one kilometre across Canada. I will start by reading books from Newfoundland authors, and make my way through all 
provinces and territories from east to west.
We’re looking for book suggestions!
In the spirit of truly reading across Canada, I’m looking for book recommendations of authors from every province and territory. Book criteria are as follows: 
• Authors must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada for at least two years
• Main character of the novel must be between the ages of 13 and 18
• Any year of publication is acceptable
If you have any book recommendations for my list, please email them to me at at or fill out the book suggestion form on my website by December 19th, 2013.
If you know others who might also have book recommendations, please feel free to forward this email.
Participate in the 13 Book Challenge!
While I will be reading 365 books, I am encouraging teens and other teen fiction supporters to pick one teen book from each province and territory and complete their own book journeys across Canada! It’s called the 13
Book Challenge! Participants can read for pleasure and visit the website to contribute their comments about the books or use the 13 Book Challenge to fundraise for the teen book award themselves through a printable
fundraising form.
My Marathon of Books website can be found at
Thank you for your knowledgeable assistance in helping me develop an inclusive Canadian teen fiction reading list.
Sincerely yours,
Amy Mathers