CFLA-FCAB Intellectual Freedom Committee

Dear CFLA-FCAB Members,

CFLA-FCAB is seeking individuals to serve on our new Intellectual Freedom Committee.

We are looking for broad national representation from different library sectors for individuals who value the principles of intellectual freedom and will actively participate in the work of the committee.

Individuals will ideally have expertise in intellectual freedom normally attained through research, policy development, education, and involvement.

Space on the committee is limited and so should you wish to name an expert, we are looking for no more than one nomination per member association for consideration to serve on the committee

The committee will be formed through a combination of nominations and appointments in order to gather the necessary expertise and knowledge to carry out the work of the committee.

Please send nominations to by Friday December 15, 2017.

For more information about the committee please see the attached Terms of Reference


Katherine McColgan, CAE

Executive Director

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