Nos commanditaires et mécènes

Commanditaires Or
Personne contact: Serge Gauvin
7240 rue Waverly
bureau 210
Montréal, QC H2R 2Y8
Tél.: 1-888-604-2627
Fax: 1-888-270-6669
inLibro est une entreprise québecoise fondée en 2006 qui se spécialise en technologies documentaires.  Nous offrons des services technologiques et des logiciels pour la gestion des bibliothèques. Notre équipe spécialisée en bibliothéconomie est formée de six programmeurs ainsi que d’une bibliothécaire professionnelle.
Personne contact: Nicola Mershon
250 Ferrand Dr. - 12th Floor
Toronto, ON, M3C 3G8
Tél.: (928) 692-8230
Fax: 1-800-759-0126
Manage your collections and provide users with access to information wherever it's located, all with Infor's web-based local or cloud ILS solutions.  Engage your customers in interactive ways via a rich, bilingual, interactive online experience. Markeg your services, and provide access to digital and traditional materials alike.  Infor helps your library better manage daily tasks, customer relationships, and key performance data to support decision-making.
ImageACS Publications
Personne contact: Gabrielle Hicks
155 16th Street
NW Washington, DC 20036
Tél.: (202) 872-4600
Fax: (202) 872-6005
ACS Publications, a division of the American Chemical Society, is a nonprofit scholarly publisher of over 50 peer-reviewed journals and a range of e-books at the interface of chemistry and related sciences, including physics and biology, which are consistently ranked among the most cited, most trusted, and most read in scientific literature. The Division offers high quality, rapid time to publication, a range of channels to access the publisher's cutting edge digital platform, and a comprehensive program of Open Access initiatives. ACS Publications also publishes Chemical & Engineering News - a news magazine covering science and technology, business and industry, government and policy, education, and employement aspects of the chemistry field.
Personne contact: Andrea Chan
245 av. Labrosse
Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 1A3
Tél.: (514) 336-4340
Fax: (514) 336-8217
Nous fêtons notre 40ème anniversaire! Il y a quarante ans, nous participions à notre première conférence de “l’ACBLF” à Sainte-Adèle où, à cette époque, le produit le plus en demande chez les entreprises de fournitures de bibliothèques était les fiches. Bien que celles-ci soient toujours en demande, notre personnel et notre entreprise ont développé de nouvelles technologies pour les bibliothèques du 21ième siècle leur permettant de diffuser des informations pertinentes via des technologies alternatives et bien appuyées tels que (Logiciel Libre de Système Automatisé de Bibliothèque)… une initiative québécoise de pointe de logiciel libre. Nous vous invitons à visiter notre kiosque et nos sites Internet pour explorer cette technologie développée ici même et utilisée autour du monde.
Commanditaires Argent
Personne contact: Matt Goldberg
4857 Draper,
Montreal, QC H3X 3P6
Tél.: (514) 799-0906
Confabulation is a Monreal-based autobiographical storytelling show. We present showcases of true life stories, as shared by the people that lived them. We also offer storytelling workshops to groups of all ages and experiences.
Les solutions de rangement PrismaImage
Personne contact: André Cavanagh
933 rue Michelin
Laval, QC, H7L 5B6
Tél.:  (450) 629-0775
Fax: (450) 629-8436
Les Solutions de rangement Prisma est une entreprise spécialisée dans le rayonnage à bibliothèques ainsi que de systèmes de rangement mobile.
EBSCO Canada Ltd.
Personne contact: Amy O'KeefeImage
305-110 Copper Creek Drive
Markham, ON L6B 0P9
Tél.: (905) 471-8668
EBSCO provides discovery services, online research content (databases, archives, e-books, e-journals, & e-packages) and subscription management services for all types of libraries. For more information, visit the EBSCO website. EBSCO Information Services is a division of EBSCO Industries Inc., a family-owned company since 1944.
Librairie ClioImage
Personne contact: Sylvie Calder
245 boul. St. Jean
Pointe-Claire, QC, H9R 3 J1
Tél.: (514) 695-5557
Librairie Clio is an independent accredited English language bookstore located on Montreal’s West Island. They stock a wide selection of the latest releases and also carry an eclectic range drawn from the backlists of publishers large and small. More importantly they are known for their exceptional service and will gladly accommodate your custom orders and all special requests.
Personne contact: Simon Ethier
606 rue Cathcart, Bureau 810
Montréal, QC H3B 1K9
Tél.: (514) 288-1664
Fax: (514) 288-1669
La Société québécoise de gestion collective des droits de reproduction, mieux connue sous le nom de COPIBEC, est une entreprise d’économie sociale sans but lucratif qui appartient à la collectivité des auteurs et des éditeurs. Elle offre aux utilisateurs d’oeuvres protégées par le droit d’auteur des solutions simples et adaptées à leurs besoins grâce à un accès à un répertoire de millions d’oeuvres publiées au Québec et à l’international. Pour le secteur du texte et de l’image, COPIBEC a pour mission d’assurer, par le biais de la gestion collective, l’utilisation des oeuvres des écrivains, des créateurs en arts visuels ainsi que des collaborateurs pigistes des revues et journaux, et ce dans le respect de leurs droits et de ceux de leurs éditeurs. La Société est une référence et un partenaire incontournable en matière de gestion collective des oeuvres et d’information sur le droit d’auteur.
Personne contact: Jessica Paolucci
2820 14th Ave.
Markham, ON L3R 0S9
Tél.: 1-877-362-8266
Nimble est une entreprise pancanadienne fournissant une gamme complète de produits, de solutions d’imagerie numérique, tels la vente de numériseur papier et microfilms (entre-autres le ScanPro), leurs fournitures et les logiciels de gestion documentaires. Nous offrons aussi les services après-vente, la numérisation de documents et de saisies de données. Nimble is a National provider of scanning equipment including microfilm, document, and publication scanners. These include the ScanPro Microform Scanners. In addition to hardware and software, Nimble offers conversion services. These include microfilm to digital, digital to microfilm, paper to digital or microfilm, as well as data entry services.
Halo MetricsImage
Personne contact: Tina Bui
183-21300 Gordon Way 
Richmond, B.C. V6W 1M2
Tél.: 1-800-667-3390
Halo Metrics provides a full range of EAS security solutions that protect books and other items from being stolen. Our solutions can also protect iPads and tablets while letting users have secured access to these devices. Contact us to learn about our new enhanced visitor analytics solution called Ripple Metrics. We can deliver actionable insights about the in-store customer journey! Learn how people move through your library space and get people traffic data such as traffic counts, stay time, frequency of visits, and much more.
Livres Babar
Personne contact: Maya Byers
46 rue Ste. Anne, Suite 6
Pointe-Claire, QC H9S 4P8
Tél.: (514) 694-0380
Fax: (514) 694-8367
Babar Books is a family-owned and operated bookstore. We have been promoting children's literacy since 1986. We specialize in literature for children from birth to the end of high school. Our 30,000 title collection includes a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books in English and French. We are accredited by the Quebec government as a specialist in literature for youth, which allows us to sell to all schools and libraries throughout the province. Pay us a visit online or drop by our beautiful shop in historic Pointe-Claire Village.
Personne contact: Dan Denault
Tél.: 1-877-207-3127 X193
bibliotheca supports the critical mission of libraries around the globe. Our solutions connect libraries and their users, engage them with their communities, and empower them to be indispensable, equitable community hubs that inspire creativity, collaboration, and lifelong learning.
Commanditaires Bronze
Personne contact: Carolina TotedaImage
2030 boulevard Dagenais ouest 2e étage
Laval, QC H7L 5W2
Tél.: 450 622-2212
Fax: 450 622-1460
LEARN is a non-profit educational organization with a mandate to serve the English-speaking community of Quebec. LEARN accomplishes this by offering a wide range of resources and services at no charge. These services and resources include elementary and secondary level teaching tools and content; professional learning; community, school, and parental support; as well as a full range of online services through the LEARN Virtual Campus. The Virtual Campus includes online classes for students across the province, personalized tutorials, summer school, as well as customized programs that are developed in concert with schools and school boards. All of LEARN's efforts are intended to contribute to student retention, academic success and strong Englis-speaking communities. Our values: expertise, knowledge-building, collaboration, innovation.
Librairie Monet
Personne contact: Laurent BorrégoImage
2752 De Salaberry
Montréal, QC H3M 1L3
Tél.: (514) 337-4083
Fax: (514) 337-5982
Bonjour! Librairie Monet is known as Montreal’s specialty bookstore for French language youth literature, comics, and graphic novels. We are also a reference in general publications and educational materials. Be sure to check out Monet PRO, our updated online catalog, specifically developed to fulfill the needs of librarians and educators:
La Librairie Monet est renommée pour sa specialisation en littérature jeunesse et en bande dessinée. Nous vous proposons également une vaste sélection d’ouvrage en littérature générale et universitaire, ainsi qu’un excellent service d’approvisionnement en manuels scolaires. À découvrir: notre librairie virtuelle Monet PRO, développée spécifiquement pour répondre aux besoins des bibliothécaires et des éducateurs: .
Personne contact: Nicola DowImage
8-5115 Harvester Road
Burlington, Ontario, L7L 0A3
Tél.: (905) 631-7451
Fax: (905) 634-4813
Ristech Company is a leading global distributor of automated digitization solutions. Formed in 1995, we have built our name on a commitment to providing companies with leading-edge technology, convenient service offerings, and the expertise and knowledge required to support these technologies. Ristech offers a broad selection of imaging products, together with the information necessary to make the best choice for your requirements. Ristech offers customers the most advanced technology available for production scanning and conversion.
Justin Time RecordsImage
Personne contact: Nancy Marley
CP 23074 Vendome
Montreal, QC H4A 3V4
Tél.: (514) 738-9533

Montrealer Jim West founded Justin Time Records in 1983. The label's first recording, inspired by a particularly swinging evening at a local jazz club, was also pianist Oliver Jones' first foray into jazz as a leader. In the 35 years since its inception the label has released more than 500 recordings that are distributed worldwide. Although Justin Time is recognized mainly as a jazz label, its catalogue of recordings also features albums in the musical genres of blues, gospel, world, comedy, singer-songwriter and folk.





Pointe-a-Callière Museum
350, place Royale
Vieux-Montréal, QC H2Y 3Y5
Tel.: 514 872-9150
Château Ramezay – Musée et site historique de Montréal
Contact: Vanessa Jetté
280, rue Notre-Dame Est
Vieux-Montréal, QC H2Y 1C5
Tel.: 514-861-3708 | Fax : 514-861-8317
Out of Print
Librairie Paragraphe Bookstore
Contact: Katy Tacik
2220 McGill College Ave
Montreal, QC H3A 3P9
Tel.: 514-845-5811 | Fax: 514-845-6917
Contact: Matt Goldberg
4857 Draper
Montreal, QC H3X 3P6
Telephone: (514) 799-0906
Livres Babar Books
Contact:  Maya Byers
Suite 6, 46 rue Ste-Anne
Pointe-Claire, QC H9S 4P8
Tel: 514 694-0380
Librairie Monet
Contact:  Laurent Borrégo
2752, rue de Salaberry
Galeries Normandie
Montréal (Québec), H3M 1L3
Tel:  514.337.4083 | Fax : 514.337.5982