College & Research Section: Curating exhibits in an academic environment

Submitted by Joanna Duy & Robin Canuel
On April 3, 2012, the College and Research Section hosted an event entitled: “Curating Exhibits in an Academic Environment – Practical Steps and Lessons Learned for a Successful Display” at Concordia’s Webster Library. Melinda discussed her experiences curating exhibits of student artwork in the Webster Library, and gave the audience a sense of the challenges involved but also the gratification in seeing the positive response to these exhibits. Sean described the fascinating exhibits he has done recently at the Islamic Studies library and highlighted some useful PR strategies. Sharon talked about her experience curating an exhibit of donated children’s literature, and she also outlined the work that has been done to move exhibits online. The presentations were accompanied by Powerpoint slides as well as other visual aids.

There was a great turnout at the event, with 26 librarians in attendance from a variety of public, school, special, and academic libraries. The ABQLA College and Research Section would like to thank our speakers for their excellent presentations, and Concordia Libraries for the use of Webster Library.

The speakers were:
Melind Reinhart: Visual Arts Librarian, Concordia University Libraries
Sean Swanick: Islamic Studies Librarian , McGill Libraries
Sharon Rankin: Children’s Book Collection Liaison Librarian, McGill Libraries