Section Bibliothèques collégiales et de recherche

La section Bibliothèques collégiales et de recherche regroupe les membres de l’ABQLA travaillant dans les universités, cégeps et autres bibliothèques de recherche.  La section fournit un forum électronique pour le dialogue constructif et contribue au développement professionnel de ses membres.  Dans le but de faire progresser la bibliothéconomie, de promouvoir une communauté active et d’améliorer la prestation de services dans les bibliothèques où ses membres travaillent, la section organise des événements sur des sujets d’intérêts et participe à la conférence annuelle de l’ABQLA.


Nominations for the vice president of ABQLA's College & Research section

Dear ABQLA members,

We are seeking nominations for the vice president of ABQLA's College & Research section.

This is a great opportunity to get involved in a Quebec Association, gain Board experience, become familiar with issues affecting all types of libraries in Quebec and enjoy excellent networking opportunities!

Please find attached the description of available posts and the nomination form.

Nomination Process:

College & Research Libraries Section: Universal Design and Libraries

ImageOn November 12th, 2015, the College & Research Libraries section hosted “An Evening with the Experts: Universal Design & Libraries” at Concordia University’s Webster Library, featuring Andrea Miller-Nesbitt, a Life Sciences Librarian at McGill University and a liaison with McGill’s Office for Students with Disabilities, and Roberta Thomson, the Project Coordinator on Collaborative Higher Education UDL Faculty/Toolkit project, and a cours

The Latest in 3D Printing - College & Research Libraries section event!

The College & Research Libraries Section is pleased to announce the details of our Fall event: The Latest in 3D Printing". Attendees will learn about the newest 3D printing technology and best practices on how libraries can offer 3D printing services to their users.

We are fortunate to have two local 3D printing experts join us for the evening, which will include a live 3D printer in action! Please see the attached poster for further details about our speakers.

Meetings with Books: Raymond Klibansky, Special Collections and the Library in the 21st Century

McGill University Library will be hosting a symposium on March 20, Meetings with Books: Raymond Klibansky, Special Collections and the Library in the 21st Century and will include a panel with Gerald Beasley, and Désirée Park. The symposium is free to attend and is open to everyone.

College and Research Section – Spring 2012 Event

ImageOn April 3, 2012, the College and Research Section hosted an event entitled: “Curating Exhibits in an Academic Environment – Practical Steps and Lessons Learned for a Successful Display” at Concordia’s Webster Library.

The speakers were:

  •     Melinda Reinhart, Visual Arts Librarian, Concordia University Libraries
  •     Sean Swanick, Islamic Studies Librarian, McGill Libraries
  •     Sharon Rankin, Children’s Book Collection Liaison Librarian, McGill Libraries

Melinda discussed her experiences curating exhibits of student artwork in the Webster Library, and gave the audience a sense of the challenges involved but also the gratification in seeing the positive response to these exhibits.

Open Access Update

Submitted by Joanna Duy

On November 28, 2011, the ABQLA College and Research Section hosted an “Open Access Update” at Concordia’s Webster Library, exploring open access initiatives at the McGill and Concordia University libraries, as well as through national funding agencies.

The speakers were:

Networking Sites for Academics: What’s At Stake?

By Joanna Duy

Some interesting networking sites for academics have emerged in recent years, and there is good reason for academic librarians to follow their evolution. These sites are offering researchers self-archiving and document discovery services, and may be competing with our libraries and repositories for researchers’ attention. As an example, look at one of the advertising claims on ResearchGATE, a networking site for scientists:

Getting Published in the Library World

In December 2010, the ABQLA College and Research Section hosted a panel discussion entitled “Getting Published in the Library World”, examining the various ways to go about publishing in librarianship.

The panel comprised of a host of experts in the field, with various experience at all levels of publication, including:

Tour of McGill's Digitize & Print on Demand Service

The College & Research Section of the ABQLA invites you to come see a demonstration of McGill Library's Digitize on Demand and Print on Demand service!