Section Bibliothèques collégiales et de recherche

La section Bibliothèques collégiales et de recherche regroupe les membres de l’ABQLA travaillant dans les universités, cégeps et autres bibliothèques de recherche.  La section fournit un forum électronique pour le dialogue constructif et contribue au développement professionnel de ses membres.  Dans le but de faire progresser la bibliothéconomie, de promouvoir une communauté active et d’améliorer la prestation de services dans les bibliothèques où ses membres travaillent, la section organise des événements sur des sujets d’intérêts et participe à la conférence annuelle de l’ABQLA.


CARL Announces New Research Grants

The Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) offers two research grant opportunities available to librarians working in a research setting and to students of Library and Information Studies. The grants are the CARL Research in Librarianship Grant and the CARL E-Learning Research and Development Grant.

In Appreciation of Library Catalogers and Cataloging Standards by David Badertscher

For almost forty years I have been in charge of law libraries. During that time I have acquired great appreciation and respect for the value and work of library catalogers. This posting is a small token of that respect and gratitude.

Read the full article at the Criminal Law Library Blog

Join the ABQLA College & Research Section for Digital Spring Tune Up

Join the ABQLA College & Research section for Digital Spring Tune Up on March 10!

Amy Buckland (Howard Ross Library, McGill) and Jared Wiercinski (Concordia University Libraries) will be your guides.

Concordia Libraries' Poster Forum

Concordia University Libraries will be holding our 7th annual "Poster Forum" session on Friday, May 1st.

The deadline for submitting a proposal to be a presenter is Monday, March 16.

The purpose of the Poster Forum is to provide Librarians with an opportunity to promote interest in different kinds of research, to seek suggestions for enhancing their research interests, to possibly find new partners for projects, to test the effectiveness of their undertakings and generally to abet research activity in the academic library community.