Upcoming December Education Institute Webinars!

EI Webinar Dec 5 -- Customer Privacy and Digital Collections and Services https://goo.gl/7BLCwH

EI Webinar Dec 7 -- The Blockchain & Libraries https://goo.gl/CsR4XK 

EI Webinar Dec 12 -- Tech Champions: Changing Culture One Click At a Time https://goo.gl/QXaANn  

EI Webinar Dec 14 -- Long Time Worker, First Time Manager https://goo.gl/PX5w7z

EI Webinar Dec 19 -- Library Space and Signage Evaluation https://goo.gl/JefZb6 

EI Webinar Dec 21 -- Poor Health Literacy Is a Problem in Canada! https://goo.gl/7jVJcX