Upcoming October Education Institute Webinars

EI Webinar Oct 3 -- Evergreen Virtual Visit: Duana Taha https://goo.gl/kg2yr8

EI Webinar Oct 5 -- Evergreen Virtual Visit: Diane Bracuk https://goo.gl/Hv36nw

EI Webinar Oct 5 -- Thrown Into Teen Programming? Part 2 https://goo.gl/Tt2Pna

EI Webinar Oct 12 -- Truth, Truthiness and Post-Truth https://goo.gl/qDQHoN

EI Webinar Oct 17 -- Community Outreach Through Pop Up Libraries https://goo.gl/Gm4rPg

EI Webinar Oct 19 -- Advanced Database Searching - Concept To Structure https://goo.gl/77p85h

EI Webinar Oct 26 -- Leadership Series - Strategic Thinking https://goo.gl/KpgqPc

FREE! EI Webinar Oct 31 -- Helping People Find Good Legal Information https://goo.gl/Bn8mpy