McGill Student Chapter Section Report

Written by Cassandra Ricafort (ABQLA McGill student chapter President) & Kate Rozon (ABQLA McGill student chapter Treasurer)

The ABQLA McGill student chapter has been hard at work this fall semester in order to provide wonderful learning experiences to its student members!

On September 9th, 2014, the 2nd year students Andrea Nechita, Cassandra Ricafort and Kate Rozon participated in the McGill School of Information Studies Involvement Fair in order to recruit new members for the new school year. New students were given an insight on the wonderful things the ABQLA offers to its members, as well as free treats just for stopping by to say hello.

Photo taken by Cassandra Ricafort - McGill School of Information Studies Involvement Fair

On October 6th, 2014, the ABQLA McGill Student Chapter executives planned a Samosa & Bake Sale, in the hopes of fundraising for a student trip to tour two special libraries in Ottawa.

Photo taken by Cassandra Ricafort – ABQLA McGill Student Chapter Samosa & Bake Sale

With the money raised from the Samosa & Bake Sale, as well as the generous help of the ABQLA parent association and the participation of the SLA McGill Student Chapter, the ABQLA McGill student chapter was able to host their trip. Executive members, Andrea Nechita, Cassandra Ricafort, Kate Rozon, Anne-Marie Smith, Christopher Marsh, Katelynn Siddall, Sarah Kuhn and Tran Phan were able to plan a fun-filled day touring two libraries in Ottawa, Ontario for 15 students on November 3rd, 2014.

The first library the students visited was Industry Canada, where they were given a tour of the establishment and informed on its functioning. Following this tour, the students then walked over to the Supreme Court of Canada Library. Here the students had the opportunity to hear from various staff members who covered all aspects of the Court Library’s functioning and the various systems they use for their day-to-day operations. Following this information session, they were privileged to get a guided tour of the Library and its vast collection of print materials along with the stacks where the microfiche and periodicals are held. The experience was enriching and shed light on library expectations with regards to special libraries especially in a government setting.


Photo taken by Robyn Biggar – Industry Canada Library


Photo taken by Robyn Biggar - Supreme Court of Canada Library