ABQLA Bulletin Volume 56.1 January-April 2015

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Message de la présidente

President's Message

College and Research Libraries Report

Public Libraries Report

School Libraries Report

Youth Libraries Report

McGill Student Chapter Report

Student Scholarship and Conference Travel Bursaries Awarded

CODE 2014

John Abbott College ILT News

What I Do All Day

While I Was On Vacation by Andrea Hyde

While I Was On Vacation by Irena Trebic

Book Reviews

  • Tickly Toes
  • Hana Hashimoto, Sixth Violin
  • Goodnight, You
  • Super Red Riding Hood
  • Big or Little?
  • Loula and the Sister Recipe
  • If Kids Ruled the World
  • Rafa Was My Robot
  • Families Around the World
  • The Nutmeg Princess (New Edition)
  • The Boy and the Crow
  • Secrets Underground: North America's Buried Past
  • Spit Feathers: The Lobster Chronicles 3
  • Jasper John Dooley: Not In Love
  • When the Worst Happens: Extraordinary Stories of Survival
  • Escape from Tibet: A True Story

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