Engaging Presentations at Youth Section this Fall

On Thursday, November 5th 2015, the ABQLA Youth Section was happy to welcome two speakers in the world of youth work to our fall event “Front Lines and Behind the Scenes Stars: Keeping Youth on Track”. The event was enthusiastically-attended and questions and discussions were plentiful!

Annette MacIntyre, a Board Librarian at the English Montreal School Board, spoke about her time with the Western Quebec School Board as their first Librarian ever. She described the many challenges she faced in creating programs and stimulating an aging school library system in an area twice the size of Nova Scotia, as well as her successes and revitalization of the system. She also spoke about her current employment tenure with the EMSB and the many programs she has helped with directly and indirectly, supporting the work of front-line School Librarians and Documentation Technicians.

Liz Colford, a former youth worker, engaged the group in a lively series of games, to demonstrate how she met her challenges working with youth in danger of dropping out. She focused on relationship-building and the struggle and success she had working with Cree youth for Youth Fusion in northern Quebec, as well as her work with Collective Community Services at after school programs around Montreal. Her talk was very engaging, enlightening, and offered many parallels and insights for those in the library profession regarding youth. Both speakers were dynamic and clearly passionate and successful in their fields, and it was an honour to host them!

We are already looking forward to our next interesting event, in the spring time.


--Jennifer Zhao and Nicholas Warren