2014 Education Institute Webinars & Courses

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All webinars are 1 hour.
Member (ABQLA/Partnership): $45.00

June 19th @ 12PM ET Growing A Gender-free Library

Get past books for boys and books for girls with a one-hour webinar designed to cover why going gender-free in your library best serves your patrons and your institution. At the end of the webinar, participants will have brainstormed and/or designed at least one reader's advisory tool that is gender-free.

Key benefits:
- Discover the ways we as librarians intentionally and unintentionally reinforce gender norms in our services.
- Identify gender-specific programs and services within your library and brainstorm ways to make those programs more gender-neutral.
- Assess individual patron needs and interests, regardless of the gender with which they identify, to include walking away with a tangible item to implement into their reader?s advisory services to begin the process of ungendering their libraries

Presented by: Kelly Jensen


June 24th @ 1PM ET Digital Literacy For Digital Citizens: Blended Learning Mode


Part of the self-directed programming at the University of Guelph Library is a series of new blended face-to-face and online workshops that target digital literacy skill development and digital citizenship. Through these workshops we combine digital literacy skills like managing digital identities and creating infographics and use of tools like Google Scholar and Zotero to allow students to successfully manage and create opportunities for themselves as digital citizens. Join us to explore ways to engage high school and undergraduate students with these vital skills via a blended instruction model.

Key benefits:
- Learn how to use problem-based learning in self-directed/supplemental programming
- Explore resources for teaching 21st century digital citizenship and literacy skills
- Identify key aspects of expanding beyond tool-based instruction
-Take away benefits and tips for developing a blended learning approach for self-directed / supplemental programming for undergraduates


Presented by: Melanie Parlette-Stewart & Lindsey Robinson



June 25th @ 1PM ET FREE! Accessible Audio Books From NNELS


Learn how to download and transfer audiobook titles to media and media players from the NNELS digital library. This will be of interest to any library staff and especially those who do outreach services for the print disabled. NNELS.ca is an online repository of Daisy audio books developed and managed by the BC Libraries Co-operative. NNELS is a partnership of provincial and territorial governments brought together to provide free accessible library materials to print-disabled library patrons.

Key benefits:
- Become familiar with NNELS content
- Learn how to search for, locate, download and transfer books on behalf of print-disabled patrons
- Be able to demonstrate the system and answer questions patrons may have
- Learn basic authentication standards and fundamentals of copyright compliance
- Get started with open access library resources at any library

Presenter: Maryann Kempthorne


July 8th at 12PM ET E-Books In Canada: The Next Chapter
Hear the latest news on the e-book advocacy front and get up-to-date on this fast moving area of public library collections. Topics covered will include research from the publishing industry, consumer trends, and news from the Canadian Urban Libraries Council e-book task force with Canadian publishers, as well as ReadersFirst and IFLA. Highlights this year include new research into children and teen use of e-books, e-book products entering the Canadian library market, and the latest work to increase Canadian availability of content.

Key benefits:
- Get caught up on research and developments in the Canadian and international e-book industry
- Find out how children and teens are using e-books
- Learn about new trends and products coming to market
Presented by: Christina de Castell
July 16th @ 1PM ET Everyday Makerspaces: Library Programming For Youth
This webinar will discuss strategies and tools for offering low- to medium-tech makerspaces in any library, regardless of size and budget. We'll start by exploring the maker potential in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) subject areas. We'll also examine a range of successful maker activities and programs at libraries across North America. Participants will leave inspired to create an everyday makerspace that works for youth at your library!

Key benefits:
-Understand how everyday makerspaces align with library goals for serving youth.
-Use STEAM programming areas as a starting point for creating open-ended, engaging maker activities and programs.
-Discover resources for planning makerspace activities.
-Take away a range of implementation options that meet space and budgetary constraints.

Instructor: Amy Koester is a Children's Librarian with the St. Charles City-County Library District in Missouri.
July 23rd @ 2PM ET Make An Impact With Infographics
Back by popular demand, after a standing room-only session at Super Conference 2014! Join us for an engaging and practical discussion about using infographics to highlight your library's accomplishments. Infographics are an excellent way to visually communicate data and create an impactful message - let's face it, nobody wants to read a 50-page document. Design principles and free online tools to create infographics will be discussed.

By the end of the webinar participants will be able to:
-Describe the characteristics of infographics and data visualization
-Select the appropriate type of infographic for your needs
-Identify free online infographic tools
-Start creating effective infographics
Presented by: Jane Foo, Adele Magowan & Shanna Pearson
July 24th @ 2PM ET 10 1/2 Tips To Connect Local Authors & Libraries
Is the next Margaret Atwood or Joseph Boyden living and writing in your town? Incorporate local literary life into your library programming! Turn authors into advocates for your library! Join us as we explore ways that a library in a small- to medium-sized community can connect with local authors and illustrators and encourage the connection between writers and readers. Plus, we?ll look at a hugely successful program that has made the Landon Branch of the London Public Library the centre of that city?s poetry community.

Key benefits:
-Take away practical tips for connecting with local authors
-Find out how to turn writers into library ambassadors
-Get programming ideas for all sizes of libraries, but especially for smaller communities
-Learn from successful models to build a literary community hub in your library
Presented by: Carolyn Doyle, Anne Marie Heckman & Melanie Kindrachuk
July 31st @ 12PM ET Collaborating In Online Groups
There are many tools available today that can help take collaboration projects and workgroups beyond geographical boundaries and help enhance creativity and other collaborative activities online.

Key benefits:
- Learn what personal learning networks and virtual workgroups are
- Discover a variety of online collaboration tools including Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger and others
- Gain hands-on experience using online collaboration tools
Presented by: Chad Mairn

August 5 - 26th/Tuesdays in August @ 12PM ET (4 week online course) Strategies To Survive And Thrive With Change
Individuals: $150 for members/$180 for non-members
Groups of up to 5: $250 for members/$300 for non-members
Intended for groups, this 4-week online course deals with helping managers lead change initiatives and other workers to accept and implement change in a positive atmosphere. The content stresses the positive aspects of change and identifies information, skills, competencies and behaviours necessary to productively manage the impact of change. Each participant will submit a questionnaire prior to the first session, which will be addressed in the final week.

The series comprises four sessions, each with its own specific objective and support material:

Session 1 - Tues, Aug 5: Understand the concepts, drivers and cycles of change from the organizational and personal perspective
Session 2 - Tues, Aug 12: Identify personal responses to change and strategies to cope and move on
Session 3 - Tues, Aug 19: Learn communication skills to influence and take positive action to improve teamwork
Session 4 - Tues, Aug 26: Learn how to support co-workers and clients and to manage change creatively

Presented by Ann Max
August 6th @ 12PM ET Who's Afraid Of Open Source?
Until recently, adopting open-source software in place of proprietary software was a challenging proposition in libraries. In recent years, open-source software use in libraries has increased, and library staff are increasingly involved with open-source communities and projects.

In this session we will look at open-source alternatives to integrated library systems, online catalogues, and institutional repositories, as well as discussing the challenges and opportunities provided by open-source adoption, and automated configuration and software deployment.

Key benefits:
- Reducing uncertain doubt around open-source adoption
- Understanding the benefits and costs of open-source software
- Framing of the open vs. closed-source software debate
- Walk through a working example of open-source software deployment at the University of Alberta
Presented by Sam Popowich
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