ABQLA Bulletin Volume 55.2 May-August 2014

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President's message

Message de la Présidente

Public Libraries Section Report - submitted by Jennifer Eisman

Jennifer Eisman and Alisa Soukhodolskaia are very happy to be your new President and Vice President of the Public Library section. We have already begun work on planning events that we believe will inspire and engage you.  Stay tuned for more details!

School Libraries Section Report - submitted by Andrea Hyde

Due to extenuating circumstance a report on the school libraries section was not possible. Please look in the December issue for a complete update.

Youth Section Report - submitted by Diane Sollazzo

May 21, 2014 the Public Libraries, School Libraries and Youth sections of the ABQLA  met at the Atwater Library and Computer Centre, to learn about new books that have just been published; presented by The Dewey Divas and the Dudes. The Dewey Divas and the Dudes have read a wide variety of books and each one chose a few books to present to us to help us with our book selection.

College/Research Section Report - submitted by Emily McKenzie

No report for this issue.

Travel Bursary Report - Jennifer Zhao

A Vacation with Plenty of Libraries - by Sonia Smith

Book Reviews

82nd ABQLA Annual Conference (2014) - Session Summaries

Opening Keynote: Aaron Schmidt

Closing Keynote: Erik Boekesteijn and Jaap van de Geer

Sandra Bebbington: Got Game?

Marc-André Brenier: Visual Redesign of Library Services

Ed Bilodeau: More Than Wireframes

Susie Breier and Jared Wiercinski: Designing Streaming Video Services

Hyde, Conroy, Steel & Nesbitt: Program Design in School Libraries

Gregory Houston and Merika Ramundo: The Dirt on Design

Michele Ann Jenkin: Getting Started with Content Strategy

Naira Santana: The Role of Branding and Design

Kimberly Sikorski: Renovation of a Library on a Tight Budget

Anne Galler Acceptance Speech - Recipient: Wendy Wayling


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