Michael Stephens' "The Hyperlinked Library: Trends, Tools and Transparencies"

ImageParticipants in the 79th ABQLA conference were treated to an engaging and thought-provoking opening address by Dr. Michael Stephens, Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Dominican University in Illinois. Michael’s diversity of research interests provided the springboard for an insightful overview of the emerging trends in our profession, ranging from library and librarians’ blogs, to social software, to virtual communities, to Internet users’ information needs and behaviours online, to the provision of reference services via instant messaging.

Westmount Children’s Library Celebrates 100 Years! 1911-2011

Imagesubmitted by Wendy Wayling, Children’s Librarian, Westmount Public Library

The Westmount Children’s Library opened its doors on January 13th, 1911. It took the Chief Librarian, Mary Saxe, ten years to persuade the council that the children needed their own library, complete with their own entrance, their own hours and their own children’s librarian. With this addition Mary Saxe felt that Westmount would have a model building. Notes from the City of Westmount’s 2011 Annual Report indicate that this was "the greatest event in the Library’s history since it was established”.

Chad Crichton's "Mobile Technology and Information Literary: You CAN Take It with You"

ImageAt this year's mobility-themed conference of the ABQLA, Chad Crichton, Coordinator of Reference and Instruction at the University of Toronto Scarborough Library, discussed the ramifications of mobile technologies on our understanding of Information Literacy instruction and what it means to be information literate in the 21st century.  Chad encouraged his listeners to think about ways they could insert themselves into available 'apps' and to look for unique aspects of their library collections that could be made mobile.

Mobile technology introduces new challenges when it comes to information literacy, and as a starting point it is necessary to understand how devices change the information seeking behaviour of users. More so than with websites, a 'mobile mindset' demands quick and immediate results. Patrons accessing the library via a mobile device are doing something in the moment and are hyper conscious of the time factor. They are unlikely to complete an advanced search form or browse to the second page of results. In response to this, Chad noted the distinction between an app and a website available via a mobile phone. Increasingly, libraries are developing highly streamlined service apps more appropriate for mobile devices rather than relying on their website.

Maria Savova's "McGill Library Makes E-books Portable: E-readers' Place Amongst Library Materials, Technology and Service"

Imageby Lindsey Sikora

The theme of this year’s annual ABQLA conference was “Mobility: Making Connections @ your Library.” A plethora of excellent presentations were given, and among them was Maria Savova’s talk entitled “McGill Library Makes E-books Portable: E-readers’ Place Amongst Library Materials, Technology and Service.” Maria is a Collection Development and Special Projects Librarian at McGill University, as well as the coordinator of the E-Readers Loan Service. This is complementary to the work she has also done on the implementation of the downloadable electronic content service from OverDrive, along with the WorldCat Local Discovery Tool at McGill.

ABQLA/CLA/SLA Holiday Fundraiser for CODE

By Vincci Lui and Megan Fitzgibbons, with notes from Leticia Cuenca. Photos by Émilie Gagnon

The annual fundraiser for CODE, at least in recent years, has become synonymous with warm company on cold nights. For a few years running, the event closely followed Montreal’s first significant snowfall of the season. On December 8, a hearty and animated group of professionals and students in the Montreal library world gathered to celebrate the season, connect with colleagues, and most importantly, raise money for CODE.


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