Professional Partnering Program

from the CLA Student Chapter at McGill University
The Canadian Library Association Student Chapter at McGill University is pleased to invite you to participate in the 2011/2012 Professional Partnering Program.
What is Professional Partnering?
The Professional Partnering Program is a flexible mentoring program that connects students in McGill's School of Information Studies to information professionals working in an area of interest to the student. The program develops personal relationships between students and professionals and supports students' career exploration.
Since its launch in 2008, the program has been a great success. More than 40 professionals participated during the first year of the program, which grew to over 60 partnerships in 2010. The response from participants continues to be overwhelmingly positive.
McGill students have a diverse range of career interests, and ABQLA members in particular have much to contribute to students in terms of experience and insight.
What are the benefits for me, as an information professional?
Professional Partnering is intended to be a two-way exchange. While it is an opportunity to contribute to the professional development of future colleagues, it is also a great way to share information, reflect on your own career, and participate in the LIS community. It's also a good opportunity to promote the ABQLA to a new generation of professionals!
What is the time commitment?
Professional Partnering is designed to provide opportunities for communication without requiring a specific time commitment from participants. The program will begin with an informal reception to introduce participants to each other, but from that point, levels of involvement and specific activities are up to the interests of each pair.
What type of activities does Professional Partnering entail?
We encourage partners to determine what types of activities work best for them. Some suggestions include:
* a tour of your workplace
* job shadowing
* regular e-mail correspondence
* informal, in-person chats
* resume and job-seeking advice
* career planning sessions
* an introduction to other professionals at conferences, lectures, or meetings.
How do I participate?
More information and application forms are available at
Please feel free to contact Valerie Medzalabanleth at if you have any questions.
Valerie Medzalabanleth, President, McGill CLA Student Chapter 2011/2012
Megan Fitzgibbons, MLIS, ABQLA Bulletin team