100 Hungry Monkeys!

Author: Sebe, Masayuki 

Book Title: 100 Hungry Monkeys! 

Kids Can Press, 2014. 

23 p. : col. Ill. 

Price $16.95 

ISBN 9781771380454 

Recommended Age Range 2-6 years 

Reviewed by Sonia Smith


This is a very entertaining book for all kids who love searching for objects and counting things. 

A group of 100 hungry monkeys are looking for food, so they set out to find something to eat. A 

big green monster appears, and they all scatter so that they don’t become someone’s lunch! But 

the monster is actually friendly and just wants to play. Although this can frighten some kids, the 

illustrations, the searchable objects in each page, the silly monkey faces and their expressive 

poses, will hold a child’s attention for a long time. This is a good book to read one-on-one with a 

child so he or she can search the pages and look closely at the funny illustrations.