ABC of Toronto

ABC of Toronto, by Per-Henrik Gürth

Kids Can Press, 2013

32 pp.


Ages 3-7

Reviewed by Raphaella Dixon

Per-Henrik Gürth has done it again, this time in an alphabet book! His vivid, simple, black-outlined illustrations will draw children into picking up this picture book. Each page has a feature of Toronto that starts with a letter of the alphabet. The text is short and easy with one sentence per page. A nice touch is how Gürth gets movement into each page. This is no passive alphabet book—people have fun in Toronto! While it would have been nice to have a city local to us, you will understand why Toronto was a good choice when he gets to the letters Q, U, X, and Y—no need to force a link to these usually tough letters. (I won’t give it away, but maybe you can guess.) While ABC of Toronto is more appropriate to children who know Toronto or are going to visit, the book could also be used to learn about Toronto. (Warning for Habs fans, “M is for Maple Leafs”.)


ABC Toronto