Boy Meets Dog: A Word Game Adventure

Author: Valerie Wyatt

Book Title: Boy Meets Dog: A Word Game Adventure 

Kids Can Press, 2013 

Number of Pages 32 pages 

Price 17.95$ 

ISBN 978-1-55453-824-9 

Recommended Age Range 4-7 years old 

Reviewed by Cassandra Ricafort 


A toy becomes a boy, a cat becomes a dog, and both boy and dog thus embark on a 

wonderful word game adventure. Based on Lewis Carroll’s “Doublets”, Wyatt introduces a 

fun way to engage young readers in playing word games, creating new words by changing 

only a single letter in a word: “A bus can become a car. bus-but-bat-bar-car.” Beautifully 

illustrated with vividly colourful images by Dave Whamond, Boy Meets Dog is an 

entertaining little read that all the while helps children learn how to spell in an enjoyable