Daisy's Big Night

Written by Sandra V. Feder; Illustrated by Susan Mitchell 

Book Title: Daisy's Big Night 

Kids Can Press, 2014 

111 pages 

Price $14.95 US / $15.95 CDN 

ISBN 978-1-55453-908-6 

Recommended Age Range 5-10 

Reviwed by Jennifer Zhao



This is one book out of the Daisy’s series. An invitation to an adult poetry party started a new 

journey for Daisy. Along the way, she collected interesting interactions with people and the 

surroundings in her lovely notebook, which eventually helped her come up with great solutions 

to her exhibit at her class’ End-of-Year Showcase event.

The book is special in that it introduces children to poetry and many related concepts, such as 

rhymes, verses, etc. Many examples given throughout the story are extremely effective in 

showing children the beauty and power of the language. The Word Lists included at the end of 

the book sets a perfect way for children to collect and play with words. This book is mostly 

made of text, and the illustrations provided here and there in the book are good enough to keep 

young readers stay on the topic if they get bored with the text.