Horrendo's Curse: The Graphic Novel

Horrendo’s Curse: The Graphic Novel by Anna Fienberg, illustrated by Rémy Simard, adapted by Alison Kooistra

Annick Press, 2013

104 pp.

Ages 8-12

$24.95 hbk, $14.95 pbk

9871554515493 (hbk); 9781554515486 (pbk)

Reviewed by Rosemary Cochrane

Horrendo is a polite, soft-spoken boy, eager to please and wanting to help others in any way that he can. But on his twelfth birthday, as is the custom, the pirates come to take him and his friends away to be their slaves. How will Horrendo cope? Will he ever return? The adventure, complete with deck-swabbing, gruff and humiliating demands on the new “shark feed”, swashbuckling sword fights, walking the plank and a cantankerous captain, is an encounter Horrendo and the reader will never forget – and neither will the pirates!  

Alison Kooistra’s clever adaptation of the story and Rémy Simard’s bold coloured, sharped-edged illustrations set the tone for this nail-biting adventure. The graphic novel format makes the story easy to read and attractive to young readers still fascinated by dangers ever present in the life of a pirate. But what’s their curse? Are they equipped to face the pirates?    

Horrendo's Curse