The Mermaid and the Shoe

Author: K.G. Campbell 

Book Title: The Mermaid and the Shoe 

Kids Can Press, 2014 

32 pages 

Price 18.95$ 

ISBN 978-1-55453-771-6 

Recommended Age Range 4-7 years old 

Reviewed by Cassandra Ricafort 


Reminiscent of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, The Mermaid and the Shoe is about a little 

mermaid named Minnow who just does not seem to fit in. All of King Neptune’s daughters 

have special talents – that is, all except Minnow. Thus, Minnow embarks on a journey to 

find what makes her special, when she encounters a mysterious red object. Will Minnow 

discover the truth behind this mysterious object and find her true purpose in life? The 

Mermaid and the Shoe is wonderfully illustrated, with soft pastels in a beautiful 

underwater world. Although the language may be a little difficult for the very young, this 

wonderful story illustrates a curious little heroine who can teach young readers to ask 

questions and never give up.