Our flag: the story of Canada’s maple leaf

Written by Ann-Maureen Owens & Jane Yealland
Kids Can Press, 2014
32 p. ISBN 978-1-77138-111-6 $17.95
Ages: 7 - 10 years

Reviewed by Meg Sinclair

Facts about the Canadian flag, and flags in general, fill the pages of this book.  Colourful illustrations by Bill Slavin and Esperança Melo invite the reader into the text.  The history of flags, why and how they are flown, how flags are used on ships and during ceremonial events, and how signal flags are used to send coded messages, are all explained at an age-appropriate level for school-age children.  Fun activities at the end of the book show how to make a Canadian flag, and how to prepare it to be raised on a flagpole.

This is the story of why and how a new Canadian flag was designed, chosen and made 50 years ago for Canada. This book is a great reference source for school projects, but will also intrigue and inform a child who wants to know about flags. The book is indexed with online government resources listed.