Shapes in Math, Science, and Nature

Written by Catherine Sheldrick Ross
Kids Can Press, 2014
192 p. ISBN 978-1-77138-124-6 $1$24.95
Ages: Grades 5-6 (10-12 years old)

Reviewed by Andrea Nechita

Filled with facts, colourful illustrations, and hands-on learning activities, this books is the perfect resource for parents and teachers. It has been compiled from the authors’ three previous books, titled Circles, Triangles, and Squares. One of the unique aspects of this author's work is her ability to connect lessons on shapes and math to a range of subjects and real life examples from science and engineering to history and architecture. Complex concepts from math and geometry are clearly conveyed and explained, while the whimsical illustrations keep young readers engaged. The large number of interactive activities are great for children who learn through hands-on means, and many are simple enough to complete with items around the house or classroom. Detailed illustrations on every page make this book perfect for visual learners. This book is highly recommended.