Stop, Thief!

Written and illustrated by Heather Tekavec
Kids Can Press, 2014
32 p. ISBN 978-1-77138-012-6 $18.95
Ages: 3-7 years

Reviewed by Andrea Nechita

This beautifully illustrated book follows Max the dog as he busily runs around the farm trying to catch the thief who's been stealing all the crops. Max is so determined to capture this thief that he accuses the first suspect he finds, a little blue bug. Max comes across all sorts of animals as he gives chase to the thief. They give him advice on catching the thief, and Max is so busy chasing the blue bug that he does not see who the real thieves actually are. The illustrations in this book have a beautiful painterly quality to them, and the double-page spreads give the feeling of expansive farm lands. The author has written this book in a way that lets the children in on who the real thieves are. While being engaging and fun, it also shows children the importance of critical thinking, and of not jumping to immediate conclusions. A great addition to any bedtime story lineup. Highly recommend.