Willow Finds a Way

Author: Lana Button, illustrated by Tania Howells
Publisher: Kids Can Press, 2013
32 pages
Ages 3-7
ISBN 978-1-55453-842-3
Standing up to bullies can be hard, especially when you want to be invited to their birthday 
party! That is exactly the challenge that Willow faces when she, and the rest of her class, get 
invited to Kristabelle’s birthday bash. The only catch is they have to do exactly as Kristabelle 
says or “You are not my friend anymore and you can’t come to my birthday party!” Willow 
tries hard to stand up to Kristabelle as her friends get uninvited from the birthday list for not 
following Kristabelle’s rules, but she cannot seem to find the words. Will she find a way to tell 
Kristabelle that she is not being fair? A simple story accompanied with line drawn illustrations, 
this book is sure to connect with young readers.
Reviewed by Christine Smith