Scholarship & Bursaries – Round Two!

Written by Susie Breier

In April 2014, ABQLA began what we hope will become a long-standing tradition: handing out awards to students and conference-going librarians.  Allison Smith received the $1000 Student Scholarship, designed to recognize and reward outstanding current or new student members. Jennifer Zhao and Alisa Soukhodolskaia each received one of two $1000 Travel Bursaries, designed to help members participate in conferences relevant to their profession.

We are now looking forward to awarding the 2015 Student Scholarship and Travel Bursaries.  Applying is easier than you might think, so take a look at our guidelines and instructions on the Awards section of the ABQLA web site. If the timing is not right for you this year, get into the gift-giving spirit and alert a colleague or friend who might benefit. If you have questions about the awards which are not answered on the web site, feel free to contact Susie.Breier at, Chair of the 2015 ABQLA Awards Committee.