Christine Jacobs

Presentation of the Galler Award to Christine Jacobs


On behalf of the Awards Committee – Maria Morales, Lisa Milner and myself - it is an absolute pleasure to announce the recipient of this year’s Anne Galler Award ... Ms Christine Jacobs.

Our association created this award many years ago, as a means to recognize an individual who has enriched librarianship in Quebec and made a lasting contribution to the profession. Specifically, this award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated achievement in:

  1. Significant leadership role in the Quebec library community;
  2. Exemplary career performance, serving as a model for colleagues in the library profession; and
  3. Contributions to professional and/or scholarly activities, including ABQLA.

I will now call upon Linda Toivanen, a colleague of Christine’s at John Abbott College, to help present the award.

Acceptance remarks – 2012 Anne Galler Award for Outstanding Library Service



by Christine Jacobs
Thank you so very much for this honour. I had no warning or awareness that I was being considered for the award, and when I received the e-mail from the Committee, I did not open it immediately. When I opened it later in the evening, I had to read it several times, because it simply did not “compute”  – then I started to cry.

And I started to cry, I think primarily because I was so moved at being graced with an award with Anne Galler’s name attached to it.

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