Upcoming Conference: Digital Literacy for Preschoolers

Digital Literacy for Preschoolers: Maximizing the Benefits of eBooks in Emergent Literacy

A conference on digital literacy will be held on June 26-27, 2015 at McGill University in Montreal.

Registration opens March 1st, 2015.


The first day of this conference will feature talks on the following themes:

1) How do parents and children engage with eBooks? 

2) Learning language from shared reading with eBooks 

3) Teaching with eBooks in the classroom 

4) Learning to read with digital media


The second day of the conference is a round table discussion that will bring together educators, librarians, clinicians, researchers, industry members, parent groups, and community groups. It will focus on the following topics:

1) Key messages for parents and teachers re digital media

2) Responsible science communication re digital media

3) Responsible marketing of digital media




For details on the conference, please visit:  http://digitalliteracyforpreschoolers.conference.mcgill.ca/


For details on the Digital Media Project at McGill, please visit: https://digitalmediaprojectforchildren.wordpress.com/