What I Do All Day

by Andrea Hyde

Last week I was asked the most difficult reference question of all: ‘Miss, what do you really do all day?’ I wanted to snap back ‘I’m a high school librarian; what don’t I do? I DO collection development, processing, budgeting, cataloguing, indexing, reference, research instruction, circulation, public relations, you name it, I do it all!’

But I didn’t say any of that, because I knew this 17-year old student couldn’t care less. But it got me thinking. What do I really do?

I hand out band-aids. I give kids high-fives and hugs. I have a never-ending parade of students coming for tea or coffee, and going back to class with a mug with a library message on it, including but not limited to: Read! Read Local! and Reading is Sexy! I have a library-sloth who comforts people. I (occasionally) insult and mock kids, challenging them to think about the words that come out of their mouths (pet peeve: ‘can I?’ instead of ‘may I?’). I also apologise when I am wrong or have offended someone. I say good morning to everyone, and wish them a good day (even when I don’t mean it). I demand that students use their brains even on their lunch break. I am offended when they call me a teacher, because I am not a teacher: I am a librarian!

And that’s what I do all day.